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Boost your vocabulary through fun
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Based on the latest research in language acquisition and memory formation, VivaVocab's smart flash cards are powered by an "AI tutor" - a state-of-the-art algorithm that adapts the content you see based on your learning progress.

VivaVocab just focuses on vocabulary, so we recommend combining it with other apps (or tutors) for a complete language learning experience.



Adjust what cues are displayed for each language, to make it appropriate for first-time-language learners or students learning a second language.

ex. disable 'text' cues to play just with pictures and audio, appropriate for children learning their first language

ex. disable 'hanzi character' cues in Chinese, to focus on building your vocabulary for speaking/listening, but not reading/writing

No Shenanigans

We deeply respect our users: no ads, no manipulative gamification "dark patterns", no sharing data with 3rd parties, no mandatory accounts.

Multiple Profile Support

You can create separate profiles, for example: for siblings both learning French, sharing an iPad.

Device Sync

You can optionally create an account to be able to sync profiles between multiple devices.

Offline Play

You can play without internet (but, you do need to be online to download new content)

Free Preview

Try each language for free, with 10+ levels covering basics such as numbers, colors, days-of-the-week and food.

If you like the experience, purchase a language pack to unlock 1000+ words for a given language and all future content updates (you even get to pick your price).

We want to hear from you! If you find a bug, have words you'd like us to add, or have an idea for a new feature, please email

Pro Tips!

For Teachers

Easily handle multiple students playing across various devices with VivaVocab's support for multiple profiles and account syncing.

For Mandarin Learners

Want to focus on speaking and listening? You can disable hanzi. ...or, you can disable pinyin, or keep pinyin and hanzi, or neither (and just play with picture and audio).

For Parents of Young Children

If your child hasn't learned to read yet, you can disable text and just play with audio and pictures.

For Everyone Else

Click on the "??? button" to let our AI tutor decide which words you should practise next.