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VivaVocab! Privacy Policy

When you play VivaVocab!, we (Penyo Pal Inc.) collect some of your personal information.

We don't like it when other companies extensively track us, and so, we aim to try harder than most game and app companies to respect your privacy; by limiting the personal data we collect, storing it responsibly, and in particular: never sharing it with third-parties.

Below we describe the data we collect, why we collect it and where the data is. You can request to have your data deleted by emailing help@vivavocab.com.


When you play VivaVocab!, you create a profile, that includes a profile name, language choice, various settings (such as "music volume", "profile color") -- which are all updateable within the application. Behind-the-scenes, your profile also includes your "learning progress" (various statistics about the words you've been encountering), which is updated as you play.

Profile data is fundamental to the operation of VivaVocab!

Profile data is only stored on your device (unless you are signed in, see below).


As you play VivaVocab!, we log certain events, which includes the type of event (ex. "launched app", "played a level"), the time and date, the platform (ex. "ios"), and a unique identifier generated when the app is first installed.

Analytics data is used to determine how VivaVocab! is used (ex. "how many players play more than 5 levels?") to help us identify opportunities for improvement, and to understand how changes to VivaVocab! impact gameplay (ex. "after we released the latest update, how many players kept playing for more than 2 weeks?").

Analytics data is sent to and stored on Penyo Pal Inc. servers and is not shared with any third-parties.


As you play VivaVocab!, if the software encounters any errors, we log information about your device (ex. "iPhone 12") and technical information about the error (such as the message and the stacktrace).

Error data is used to identify bugs in our app that occur to our users so we can identify the causes and write updates to prevent future errors and crashes.

Error data is sent to and stored on Penyo Pal Inc. servers and is not shared with any third-parties.

Server Log Files

As you play VivaVocab!, the software accesses resources on our servers. When this occurs, our servers log the resource that was accessed, your IP address, type and version of the browser you use, and the time and date.

These logs are used to monitor server performance and errors, so that we may address technical issues as they arise.

These logs are stored on Penyo Pal Inc. servers and are not shared with any third-parties.

Synced Accounts

If you create an account within VivaVocab!, we collect your email address and password, and send and store your "profile data" (see above), on our servers.

Synced account data is only used to allow you to sync profiles between devices.

Synced account data is stored on Penyo Pal Inc. servers and is not shared with any third-parties.